«Blue Ridge Parkway» — неспешная поездка на мотоцикле среди прекрасных пейзажей

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If you like a leisurely ride through the beautiful road with numerous stops to admire the natural environment, then this trip is for you. "Blue Ridge Parkway" is considered one of the most beautiful roads in America. She laid on the Southern Appalachian and stretches 755 km. The entire road is only open to tourists and has a large number of lookouts. September, when the leaves on the trees change color, is the best time to travel to this beautiful route.


Day 1::. Arriving in New York. Transfer from the airport to the hotel. Free time to relax after the flight. Day 2-3: City tour. Day 4: New York, NY- Washington, DC. Getting motorcycles. Moving from New York to Washington. We will pass along the Atlantic Ocean, the ferry ride in the State of Delaware, which is the second smallest state in America. 500 km. Day 5-6. Familiarization with Washington. Day 7: Washington, DC- Waynesboro, VA. "Blue Ridge Parkway" begins in the national park "Shenandoah." Shenandoah National Park (Eng. Shenandoah National Park) - United States National Park, which occupies part of the ridge Blue Ridge Appalachian Virginia. The park is located on a narrow crest of the ridge and is located in the north-south direction. In the west it is bounded by the Shenandoah Valley in the east - the hills of Piedmont. Along the crest of the hill passes highway, known as the English. Skyline Drive, but 40% of the park is not affected by human activities. 240km. Day 8: Waynesboro, VA- Roanoke, VA. 200 km Day 9: Roanoke, VA - Linville, NC. 320km. Day 10: Linville, NC- Waynesville, NC. Near the town of Linville are famous caves "Linville Caverns" and "Grandfather Mountain," which we will visit. 230 km. Day 11: Waynesville, NC - Charlotte, NC. Mu will pass through the National Park "Great Smoky Mountains" and of course'll pick on the most famous among motorcyclists, the road in America, "Tail of the Dragon", the dragon's tail, it is famous for the fact that 18 km are 318 turns. Day 12: Charlotte, NC - Virginia Beach, VA. 600km Day 13: Virginia Beach, VA -: New York, NY. 600km. Day 14 Filing motorcycles. Free time to relax or departure is home.

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